About Us

McCandlish Farmhouse Confectionery is a family run business – we are the 3rd and 4th generation of confectioners and chocolatiers, continuing this family tradition and going from strength to strength.

The home of World-famous products such as Creamola Foam, Chelsea Whoppers, Scottish Tablet, Macaroon, MB Bars and many more products.

The business is now run by Agnes and Andrew – daughter and son of Allan McCandlish and continues to grow both in Scotland and around the word.

Our Head confectioner/chocolatier, Agnes Gough (nee McCandlish) is the daughter of Allan and worked alongside him for many years until his death in 2020.  Agnes's nephew, Alex McCandlish - Head Confectioner, also works for the company and worked alongside founder Allan for over 10 years learning the family trade secrets and methods.  With Mrs Mac (Allan’s wife, still very much involved in the business we have 3 generations involved in our family business.

Many of the products we now sell were the creation of Allan and have been passed down through the generations. Agnes has inherited his passion for creating or reviving the old traditional confectionery and we continue to bring these much- loved old sweets and confectionery back to the market.

In 2021 we acquired Athole Tablet and Quality Retro Sweets adding to our portfolio of traditional Scottish confectionery and expanding the business further.

In 2022 we aquired Shokolat further expanding our chocolate range.  We ahve now developed a Diabetic/Vegan/Gluten free range of choclates under the Shokolat banner.